Recent Before & After Photos

Mold in the Shower

Here is an example of an ongoing leak in the crawl space of a foreclosed upon home in the Garrett County area. Prior to purchasing the home, the new homeowner ... READ MORE

Tearout Required After Damage

Here is an example of a homeowner who experienced a sewerage backup that affected their finished basement within their split-level home. The property is locate... READ MORE

Leaking Foundation

After a recent storm the homeowner noticed water had come in to her partially furnished basement saturating the walls, as well as vinyl flooring and surrounding... READ MORE

Fire Damaged Belongings

A family in the area recently experienced a fire at their home, in which most of their possessions were lost and/or damaged. Here is an example of what our tea... READ MORE

Grafitti Cleaning

A local church parsonage has been vandalized by graffiti, including inappropriate, writing spray painted in black along the back and side. Not only did the van... READ MORE

Leaking Pipe

Here you can see damage to a finished basement due to a leaking pipe that has gone un-noticed for a few days. The homeowners tend to only utilized this finishe... READ MORE